Brookside Villa Dinner Menu - March – October  2014.

We serve at 7pm.  As every dish is cooked to order, we request your choices by 6pm latest.

Dishes are home made – that is, cooked here to our own recipes, using local fresh ingredients.  Where I have found small, local suppliers who make dishes better than mine, I am not too proud to use them!  These items are marked** on the menu. We NEVER use pre-prepared meat or fish dishes. Please ask for gluten-free or dairy free, or vegan –many menu options can be adapted

STARTERS Starter  Main
(v) HUMMUS - a lovely nutty locally made hummus dressed with virgin olive oil & a dusting of smoked paprika, served with vegetable batons, warm pitta bread & sweet chilli dip  £4.75 £6.00 for 2 to share  
(v)  HOME MADE SOUP­ – Made daily, with love, from fresh ingredients and always vegetarian.  With fresh organic bread & Lakeland butter.  £3.95  £5.50
(v)  CHEF’S SALAD­­ a bowl of the freshest leaves, herbs, feta cheese, apricots, almonds, seeds with a lemony vinaigrette £4.65 £8.50
OAK-SMOKED SALMON- from the Scottish side of the Solway in Annan -  served with sliced dill pickle, fresh lemon, cracked black pepper, dill mustard & malted brown bread & butter £6.00  
(v)  GARLIC MUSHROOMS – fresh mushrooms sautéed in Lakeland butter with chopped garlic, finished with fresh parsley, lemon juice & a touch of white wine.  Served with organic white bread to sop up the juices. £4.65  
BLACK PUDDING & POACHED EGG salad with fresh leaves, and mustard vinaigrette £4.15 £8.00
MAIN COURSES  All served with appropriate potatoes & the freshest of vegetables (all our meat & poultry portions are c. 8-9oz, fish c.6-8oz uncooked weight)
(Vegetarian) PENNE WITH TOMATO & OLIVE SAUCE  finished with LOCAL cheese.  OK, so it’s vegetarian pasta again! – but the feedback is that the sauce is really out of the ordinary – (GF pasta available) Starter/Small£6.75  £9.25
FISH PIE – yes, we know it doesn’t sound glamorous, but these succulent chunks of salmon, cod and smoked haddock in a delicate tarragon-scented sauce, topped with creamy potatoes is the ultimate comfort food  (GF)   £11.50
ROAST SCOTTISH SALMON & PEPPERS – another fishy favourite – thick fillet of salmon, roasted on a bed of sweet peppers – crispy skin & moist fish served with virgin olive oil and balsamic dressing (GF & DF)   £10.65
TARRAGON CHICKEN – succulent breast of chicken, sautéed with herbs in Lakeland butter served with the juices enriched with white wine & a touch of Lakes cream – light, simple and mouth-watering (GF)   £10.35
LOCAL –LAKELAND LAMB RUMP ROAST, a beautifully tender and tasty cut of Cumbrian lamb, pan roasted medium rare with fresh rosemary, served with a redcurrant, red wine & orange reduction.  This is undoubtedly the most popular item on our menu (GF & DF) £11.95
LOCAL Billy Bell’s SAUSAGES & CREAMY MASH  – a selection of wonderful Cumbrian  sausages from our best Haltwhistle butcher– baked with sprigs of fresh rosemary and sage, served with Bramley apple sauce and onion gravy OR(Vegetarian)QUORN CUMBERLAND SAUSAGES & CREAMY MASH  -  we really liked these herb-flavoured sausages in our taste test, so offer them as a main course here, as well as at breakfast.  Also prepared with sprigs of fresh rosemary and sage, served with Bramley apple sauce & onion gravy   








(Vegetarian) TAGINE-STYLE ROASTED VEGETABLES with CHICKPEAS – Exciting, colourful summer veg lightly spiced. Chickpeas, seeds & nuts added for extra protein then dressed with virgin olive oil & fresh herbs. Served with warm pitta bread, and creamy yoghurt. (GF without the pitta)  £10.75
DESSERTS: Order a “For Sharing” portion for a slightly larger portion, and an extra scoop! 
  Chocolate & Chestnut Truffle Torte a Catalan speciality – rich, dark, moist seductive – served with rich vanilla ice cream, cream and berries -if you have ONE dessert this week/month have this one! (and it’s GF!)   


For Sharing 


 Bramley Apple Crumble- baked individually for you and served hot from the oven with English Lakes rich vanilla ice-cream and cream – we don’t add sugar to these apples ensuring a lovely tart flavour  £4.85  £6.35
Fruit Cocktail – freshly prepared fruits, with English Lakes vanilla ice cream, cream or yoghurt on the side.  A colourful glass of fresh sweetness, no added anything and a perfect 1-of-your-5-a-day £4.85   
  LOCAL English Lakes Ice Creams and Real Fruit Sorbets  Choose from:-Madagascan Vanilla,  Raspberry  Pavlova,  Death by Chocolate,  Lemon Sorbet,  Plum & Damson Sorbet,  Cassis Sorbet  and perhaps more choices!

Sundaes-Apple & Cinnamon, Chocolate & Hazelnut,                     Raspberry & Frambois Liqueur

  £1 per scoop



CHEESESOld Nick Mature Cheddar, Eden Valley Ivory Ewes Cheese & CreamyThornby Moor Blue Whinnow – with fresh fruit, home-made plum chutney & biscuits £6.50  £8.00


Per person
Cafetiere Med Roast Coffee £1.50  
EnglishTea, Earl Grey,fruit teas, peppermint, herbal £1.00  



Our chicken and pork is free–range or British Farm Assured – depending on supply. Our beef and lamb is ALWAYS Cumbrian or Northumbrian – that’s what our farmers grow! We source most of our fresh vegetables and meat –including locally-cured British bacon – from Pioneer - a successful family firm based in Carlisle.  They ensure that their produce is sourced from local Cumbrian or Border suppliers. Sausages are made by Billy Bell’s in Haltwhistle, who also supply some of our vegetables, game and fish.

Our supplier provides the freshest and the best quality fish I’ve bought anywhere! We buy Scottish farmed salmon – organically fed where possible. EdenValleyand Thornby Moor dairies in Cumbria supply award winning cheeses.

 Allergies & Warnings  Cheeses may be made with unpasteurised milk. Some dishes may contain lightly cooked egg. We use sunflower oil or olive oil.  For legal purposes I cannot guarantee ingredients have not come into contact with nuts.

Useful Information

Tel: 0169 77 47 300 e-mail info@brooksidevilla.com 


Postal Address: Denise Collins, Brookside Villa B&B Hadrians Wall, Gilsland, CA8 7DA Map Reference: NY 628 666